The Cognizant European Shopper
    Study Reports 2015/16

    Exploring European shopper perceptions
    of retail today and understanding what
    they want from retailers tomorrow.



Customer data is fast becoming your most valuable asset. With this data, and with the means to analyse it, you can create strategies to ensure you deliver the best possible customer service in every customer interaction.

Our Shopper Experience Studies help you understand the major trends in customer expectations, giving you the information you need to drive your customer engagement programmes. This year marks the first time we have produced six in-depth country-specific reports, covering the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, and Belgium.

Our findings are based on online interviews with 1,000 shoppers in each country, carried out in Q3 2015, providing you with a valuable insight into European shoppers’ perspectives.





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Learn how you can build compelling shopping experiences and deliver the services your customers value by downloading one of our country-specific reports.



Price is a crucial factor in convincing a customer to make a purchase. And in today’s omnichannel world, shoppers know what they’re willing to pay, using online and mobile tools to inform their thinking. Get the price wrong and customers will shop elsewhere.

But price isn’t the whole story. Our research shows that shoppers are willing to pay more for a quality product or service. Advice, fulfilment and after-sales support are also important components of the purchase decision. Often, a store’s prestige is enough to convince customers to pay a premium.

The latest digital innovations are helping retailers differentiate their customer experiences and avoid getting drawn into a battle over price. But which ones are right for you and your customers?


Forging strong customer relationships – and turning visitors into repeat shoppers – helps your business grow. Loyalty programmes have been a mainstay of that process for years. But the state of the art is constantly changing. Building a rich picture of customer preferences is becoming easier thanks to the combination of online and in-store technology.

This customer data needs careful handling. Shoppers want you to show you can create offers that will appeal to them. If your marketing efforts don’t hit the mark, are delivered too often, or simply fail to show you understand your customers, your interactions can damage – rather then strengthen – your customer relationships.

What do your customers say they want from a loyalty programme today? What information are they willing to share? How can you strengthen your relationships?


In today’s competitive retail market, making the right choices around where to invest is critical to your business. That means you need to truly understand your customers, and what they expect when they’re out shopping.

One area retailers have prioritised is queues. The introduction of payment innovations across Europe is making purchasing as easy and as quick as possible, minimising the time customers spend waiting to pay.

But not all Europeans feel the same about these changes. Our Study identifies which retail innovations resonate with shoppers, which in-store technologies are augmenting the sales process, and how you can use data to enrich the entire customer journey. This helps you to deliver the services your customers expect and demand.



Today’s customer journeys don’t end at the point of sale. Winning retailers are finding ways to improve their end-to-end service, including customer engagement strategies, after-sales support and delivery innovations.

Services such as click and collect don’t just make it more convenient for customers to pick up online purchases, they can provide additional in-store revenues too.

You can find out more about how customers feel about these services – and what else they’d like to see – by downloading one of our country reports.


Download one of our country specific reports

Learn how you can build compelling shopping experiences and deliver the services your customers value by downloading one of our country specific reports.



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